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Welcome to Satya Coaching. We are providing quality online tuitions from class III to class XII for ICSE, CBSE, West Bengal board students. We are also providing IT training(Security testing, Android programming and Web Programming for all graduates and final year students. We conduct online tuition classes between 6 am to 9 am and 6 pm to 9 pm from Monday to Saturday to suit our student's need. Our goal is improving student's exam score by 20%, we will save millions of hours of travelling time for both students and teachers. Our classes are conducted using Xoom video conferencing.

At Your Service

Expert Tutors

All of our tutors have more than 2 years of teaching and tutoring experiences. They understand the stundent's need and attend to each students with lot of goodwill and affection.

Regular assignments

Our students receives regular assignments, the assignments are acessed carefully and feedback provided.

Virtual Classroom

Our course materials are updated regularly, students can get doubt clarified in the online classroom.

Video Conferencing and Social Media

Teachers are connected to students using conference, students can raise hand, ask questions and get them clarified from the teacher. Students and teachers can interact using our dedicated Google and WhatsApp group. Please join our online tuition group to discuss about online tuition.

Benefits Of Online Tuitions

  1. You can ask Online Tutor any question you want without any fear of intimidation.
  2. The tutor can use all communication technologies like chat, phone, email, s/he can also draw images in an online blackboard to explain you difficult concepts.
  3. You can change tutor as many times as you want.
  4. The Online Tutor will be available on your timing, you can change the timing at your convenience.
  5. You pay only if you are satisfied with the tutoring session.
  6. No private tutor will be ready to help you in your Homework, Coursework but online tutors are ready to extend their helping hand to you, he/she will also make you understand to such a level that you will be able to handle simmilar problem yourself.
  7. If you are staying in a city and you need to go to a private tutor/coaching class - you must be spending hours in traffic, and when you reach to the private tutor's house or coaching school, it would already be too crowded and you just have to sit there and try to grasp what the private tutor is trying to teach you.
  8. Please try our Online Tutors now .

Tips to Score High In Any Exam

  1. Maitain a routine
  2. Use time effeciently
  3. Do not study whole day
  4. Do not waste time in gossiping, criticizing others
  5. Read regularly
  6. Read your text book from start to end
  7. Follow classes
  8. First understand and then read and mug
  9. Give example after writing definitition
  10. Try to meditate for few mins at the begining of study
  11. Exercise daily
  12. Have some hobby like painting, singing to reduce stress and tension
  13. Do not think any one as competitor
  14. Think about the topics when you are not reading
  15. Do not get over confident
  16. Do not study till late night the day before the exam
  17. Try to keep your head cool
  18. Answer to the point
  19. Do not get tensed if someone else is taking too many pages at exam hall
  20. Do not hide report card from your parents
  21. Keep margin at both side of the exam papers
  22. Do not write and cross too many times
  23. Do not eat items which can cause digestion trouble/food poisoning ,etc
  24. Read books other than text books
  25. If you do not understand a topic do not hesitate to ask questions to your teachers
  26. Do not rely on suggestion 100%
  27. Practice writing exam paper, keep a watch to record time
  28. Get your answer book examined by your parent, friend, teachers
  29. Take break between reading different subjects
  30. Spend some time on improving hand writing
  31. For biology and geography, practice drawing
  32. Mug the points in lieu mugging every thing
  33. Try to write with correct grammar
  34. Consult dictationary immediately if you do not understand a word
  35. Write at least one page per day on some topic, focus on formation of sentence
  36. In lieu of mugging whole essay, just mug the main points of the essay
  37. If you fail to solve one math problem, move to next one immediately, do not waste any time
  38. Do not try to mug math problems
  39. Try to solve few math puzzles to remove fear of math
  40. Solve at least 30 math problems every day
  41. Cross check the answer of all math problems
  42. Practice all geometry problems without seeing the solution
  43. Check corrected answer paper, and try to correct gramatical, formula, methodical mistake

Our Tutors

We are hiring large number of local tutors for conducting online tuition classes. If you have more than two years of teaching experience and you can provide online tuition from our office at Mogra, West Bengal, please Contact Us now. Do not waste your time if you can not come to our office.

Name Description
Subhasish Mukherjee: M.Sc... an expert faculty in mathematics upto 10+2 level & Joint Entrance section, he can also provide teaching for computer science upto graduation level.
Jayshree Bhattacharya: M.Tech... an expert faculty in Computer Science for 10+2 level,Graduation(B.Sc,B.E,B.Tech)

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We are co located with Satya Co Ed Schoool, Damra Dhal, Mogra, West Bengal-712503